Racial Profiling: Face the Truth

Pregnant Latina Forced to Give Birth in Shackles After Being Racially Profiled

Pheonix New Times - October 22, 2009 - By Valeria Fernández -Pregnant Latina Says She Was Forced to Give Birth in Shackles After One of Arpaio’s Deputies Racially Profiled Her

New reports from Human Rights Watch and TRAC shed light on the shocking trend of detainee transfers

In recent years, a sharp rise in the number of non-citizens held in immigration detention has been accompanied by their increased transfer between facilities, creating barriers they face in accessing counsel and receiving fair treatment in immigration proceedings.

Immigration reform is on the horizon but what about fair and just enforcement policy?

The past fortnight witnessed numerous developments on the immigration front, and almost all roads seem to be pointing to the pressing need for immigration reform that ensures fair and just enforcement.

Illegal Immigration and Serious Crime Should Not Be Conflated

New York Times Editorial - Immigrants, Criminalized - November 27, 2009 - Editorial emphasizes that it is "important for the [Obama] administration to avoid conflating illegal immigration and serious crime.

Minor wrongs still risk deportation

The News & Observer - 11/22/09 - The federal government said it was revamping its deportation agreements with local sheriffs to focus on ridding the country of dangerous felons. But some North Carolina sheriffs who signed the agreements have not been asked to change their practices.

Secure Communities: Turning a Blind Eye

On Nov. 2, Acting Executive Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Secure Communities Program, Marc Rapp, alleged in a letter to the New York Times that the program “doesn’t racially profile.” This conclusion misses the point. Rapp’s myopic assessment of the Secure Communities Program fails to account for racial profiling that occurs before individuals are booked and turns a blind eye to local law enforcement misbehavior.

Human Rights First report tells us that broad immigration laws label bona fide asylum seekers as “terrorists”

According to a Human Rights First report released last week, since 2001, over 18,000 refugees and asylum seekers who pose no threat to U.S. security have not received protection from the U.S. government due to the overly broad provisions of Immigration law, and the expansive way that they have been interpreted by federal immigration agencies.

“Still Some Work to be Done” Attorney General Holder Before Senate Judiciary


Attorney General (AG) Holder spoke before the Senate Committee on the Judiciary today in an oversight hearing on the Department of Justice (DOJ). The majority of the approximately three hours of back and forth related to the attorney general's recent decision to prosecute several Guantánamo detainees in federal criminal court in New York.

Answer this call to action for immigration reform on November 18th- listen in and party it out!

November 18th is a day of National Action for immigration and here is an opportunity for you to take leadership in your community and fight for immigration reform.